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Nyheter & Co. - News Ltd. was formed in Stockholm, Sweden with "Marketing through Media" as its business concept. Nyheter & Co. is domiciled and registered in Stockholm, however, a great deal of business activities are tied to clients in Gothenburg, Sweden. As of 1995, Nyheter & Co. - News Ltd. also operates in the USA and is registered in the UK.

Consulting Services
  Nyheter & Co. offers companies and organisations the skills necessary to create an understanding for and knowledge of the way different media work. Nyheter & Co. advises clients on media issues and recommends how an organisation can adapt in order to create the best balance between company priorities and media demands for openness and accessibility.

  Nyheter & Co. offers professional skills in the implementation of different projects. The company can either take comprehensive responsibility for entire projects or parts thereof, such as producing ads, articles, press photos, documentation, illustrations, interviews, graphic profiles and programmes, reportage, newspapers, printed matter or video, edited with TV quality.

News Ltd.
  Nyheter & Co. has developed a "virtual news agency" on the Internet - @newsltd.se. The information consists of a link engine with between 30,000 and 50,000 links. The site has been designed with the objective of providing a Swede travelling in Sweden or abroad with information and news, local as well as national, in real time. Nyheter & Co. opened the site @newsltd.se officially on 4 July 1996. By summer 1999 @newsltd.se had generated 10 million "hits" from more than 60 countries. Nyheter & Co. - News Ltd. is, at the same time, a collective concept for information under more than 25 domain names.
The service is described at: www.newsltd.se ; with pointers from www.newsltd.com; to www.newsltd.co.uk; europetimes.com; europenews.org; europenews.net; newsday.org; europetoday.org; europetoday.net; swedentoday.org; centralsweden.org; stockholmsweden.org; southsweden.org; malmosweden.com; oresundsweden.com; oresundarea.com; westsweden.org; allsport.org; worldnetstore.net

Education - Organisation
  Nyheter & Co. offers companies and organisations the opportunity to take part in projects which deal with issues that are difficult for the company or are internally sensitive. These situations are dealt with and, then, the organisation is trained in how to best handle difficult information internally and externally. Nyheter & Co. trains spokespersons who will be expected to represent the organisation's or company's image in the media. Nyheter & Co., has, on the behalf of clients, analysed conditions and, thereafter, organised client PR departments. This is often done when senior management is being trained in fundamental media issues and the responsibility for managing information is delegated.

Education - Internet

As of spring 1997, Nyheter & Co. has dedicated increasingly more time to issues of instruction on the Internet. The Internet's significance for companies and organisations is quickly growing and, entirely in line with an organisation's business concept, training programmes in this new medium are of central importance to business activites.

Nyheter & Co. represents and co-operates with Eisi (Education and Information Service on Internet). The instructional tool developed by Eisi based on the platform "Surf & Learn" has proven to have unparalleled qualities. The platform is now being used by clients in different contexts, of which "Learn the Internet on the Internet", "Practice for the European Computer Driving Licence, ECDL", and "Learn to Know your Company" are the most common. The latter course is designed in co-operation with the client and each course is unique, based on the requirements for direction and objectives drawn up by the company.

  Nyheter & Co. works in co-operation with a network of companies, each of which represent the highest level of expertise in their particular field. The different project groups are recruited and assembled exclusively in accordance with client specifications for the type of assignment and its direction.


Nyheter & Co. has worked extensively for the City of Göteborg (Gothenburg) through Göteborg & Co. between 1992 and 1995. The objective of this work has been to show what Gothenburg has to offer media representatives who visit the town when covering major events. Besides the European Championships in Football, the World Championships in Table Tennis, the World Championships in Handball, as well as the International Federation of Dentists, (FDI) meeting in Gothenburg, our most extensive assignment was providing media with information in connection with the World Championships in Athletics in 1995.

In preparation for the World Championships in Athletics, Nyheter & Co. published a bilingual newspaper in Swedish and English that was distributed to media in more than 200 countries 18 months before the World Championships, as well as during the competitions. The newspaper contained news about the World Championships in Athletics, new technology and articles on Gothenburg as a seat of learning and one of the world's tourist destinations.

As of autumn 1994, the newspaper WCA in Athletics has been published and made freely accessible in its entirety on the Internet with photos and articles.

After the World Championships in Athletics in 1995, the newspaper changed it name to Athletic News. Nyheter & Co. owns and publishes the periodicals IT Magazine and IT Forum. These are, as a rule, published on the behalf of clients directly on the Internet with the purpose of covering major events in real time. Nyheter & Co. is also authorised to publish an additional six periodicals.

In conjunction with the World Championships in Athletics, Nyheter & Co. initiated co-operation with Telia. Nyheter & Co. produced an information programme set up as a TV news report in an authentic studio environment to provide Telia's Swedish and international guests with a quick but broad view of Telia's position as a leading telecommunications company.

Students at Chalmers University of Technology and Göteborg University formed the WCA Academy in preparation for the World Championships in Athletics. The project presented Sweden to the rest of the world on the Internet as a holiday destination. During the World Championships in Athletics, Telia provided the official results from the competitions in real time on the Internet.


The projects which were carried out jointly and separately before and after the World Championships in Athletics created the conditions for co-operation between six companies under the network name, the Eisi Team, on one side, and the IAAF, on the other. Based on the needs of media, the jobs in the network have focused on using the best technology for reporting on major athletic events in real time on the Internet.

The original members of the Eisi Team, which were managed by Eisi, were Carlstedt Research, Innovative Media, Nyheter & Co., Telia Net Services and Telia Promoter.

Stockholm, Sweden, September 1999

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